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HTML5 Life of a Photon

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Play my game!

Giggle (the game engine I’ve been building over the past year) has made the leap to HTML5 thanks to the excellent Emscripten compiler. This means that all of the games I’ve written for Giggle so far can now be “ported to the web” so that they can run inside any reasonably modern desktop browser. Today, “reasonably modern desktop browser” translates into an updated-in-the-last year Chrome or Firefox or (without sound) Safari 7. The big new feature we need to make this work is WebGL.

The first game I’ve ported is my Ludum Dare #27 entry “Life of a Photon”. You can play it in your modern browser or you can download the desktop (Mac/Windows/Linux) version.

Or, you could just watch me play it! I haven’t mastered the art of screencasting yet so time feels a little lurchy in this recording.