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Game Jam Complete!

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I finished my second Game Jam and my very first team game project! We’re calling this game “Mosaic.” It is designed for the upcoming Ouya game console.

If you like what you see and can spare some social love then thumbs up our video and +1 our page. You see, this jam is also a bit of a popularity contest.

Stephen Mitchell took on most of the art and design responsibilities for this project. The simple and clean aesthetic he brings really made Mosaic shine.

If you’re one of the few lucky people in the world who own an Ouya (I’m loving mine) then you can download the APK. We would love to hear what you think.

I really get a lot out of game jams. Sometimes the deadline they impose is essential for forcing me to focus on the things that matter most in my game. @McFunkypants really helped me understand how to harness the power of a deadline in his book The Game Jam Survival Guide. I highly recommend this book for anyone considering participating in a game jam or who has participated but would like to do better next time.

Making games is hard!