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GoTime 1.5

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The App Store has just released my latest update to GoTime. Here’s what’s new:

  • You can configure what calendars that GoTime is monitoring for events

  • You can configure how persistent GoTime should be in getting you to go. GoTime can give you one alert or it can nag you every minute until you acknowlege that you’re off.

  • GoTime can more accurately resolve locations it finds in your events. It’s now using the excellent Google Places API to help it understand which Starbucks (for example) you’re probably most interested in.

  • A few bugs were squashed related to the deletion of events.

  • GoTime won’t activate your GPS if you don’t have any events

I’ve been really happy to see the broad interest in GoTime. LifeHacker even did a writeup!

GoTime’s use of location services has been a point of some confusion so here’s a bit of clarification:

The iPhone has several methods for giving applications location information. Most people are familiar with the GPS capability and the fact that it can be a serious power-hog. GoTime only uses the GPS when GoTime is on the screen and you have events in your calendar that GoTime is updating. The rest of the time, GoTime uses the ultra-low-power “significant location change” service to keep your travel times fresh. The significant change service uses the location information that your phone already has available through the cellular network. It’s basically free from a power perspective.

Unfortunately, iOS doesn’t tell you what kind of location services GoTime (or any other app) is using so you have no way to know that GoTime isn’t being a GPS abusing power hog other than trying it out and seeing for yourself. But, you can take it from me–I’ve put a lot of thought and testing into this project and my battery is doing just fine.

I’ve had a great time having conversations with GoTime users both here and at the 50Ply GetSatisfaction support page. Thank you to everyone who has tried out GoTime so far.